Classical and flat stairs Print

For people who consider spiral staircase as small, straight stairs are the answer if a space that they want to separate for stairs allow that. They are more demanding than the spiral stairs because they need a larger opening. One dimension of the hole should not be less than 2m while the other determines the width of steps 70cm, 80cm and so on. We do not recommend them for smaller spaces because not only they physically reduce space but also visually a room where they are placed. "The effect of size" can be alleviated by painting the metal part of the construction of stairs in bright colors as well as fabrication of wood treads in lighter shades. Stairs can be further enriched with heads made of different materials, but also the wooden handles can be made of the same wood as treads. The possibilities are various; they just need to be accommodated with the space, desires and needs of owners so you can get another decoration in your home or office.