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Every space that spreads on two levels in order to function as a whole space requires inevitable stairs. That's why we are here to help you do the right thing in your space, according to your taste and to your requirements.  Our company deals with installation of all kinds of stairs (except those made of concrete) from conceptual design to full implementation.  Combining metal or wooden structures, types and colors of wooden treads, functional and beautiful staircase that complements your entire setting can be achieved.
Constructions may vary from circular, isosceles and sometimes a combination of both. The point is what you want and expect from them. Whether   you want a small imperceptible stairs or you want comfortable, broad staircase. Concerning space-saving and functionality, spiral or circular stairs are unrivaled. It occupies minimum space and requires a minimum opening.

There are people who simply cannot imagine in their space circular stairs, but only classic, straight stairs. There are large variations of structures because they can be one-, two-pronged, with or without landing, or you can also do a combination of spiral and straight stairs.


Klasicne stepenice
Klasicne stepenice
Klasicne stepenice


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