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Prostor ispodLarge areas in which we set larger, more comfortable and more demanding stairs, allow them to stand alone. We can put some decorative detail in the form of lamp, vase on the little table or pot with flowers. Small spaces like one bedroom apartments or studios on the top floor of buildings that are turning out in the attic space and expand with adaptation don’t allow such luxury. In the battle for additional square meters in urban areas where each is worth a lot, the motto is:'' All should be maximally utilized. ''.
For that matter in many cases stairs are in the position with the exit above the door, window, radiator, etc. The lower parts of stairs can be closed and used as drawers, shoe racks, mini storage, while those who exceed the height elevation of 150-180 cm can be used very imaginatively. Also there could be built closets to store clothes, and shelves of various heights and forms for books and TVs. We had some cases in our practice that our customers take advantage of space under the stairs as a dining room or even they have installed the whole kitchen. So don’t consider the space under the stairs lost only differently used.




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