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Circular stairs occupy minimum space and requires minimal opening. Minimal opening needed for installation of the stairs where there is a problem with a lack of space is 120x120cm (can be circular P = 120cm), but it may be lower only then treads lose its size.

Number of steps depends on inclination – if inclination is bigger, the number of steps will be smaller. The whole story comes to this: how big is the opening for the stairs, the height of the ceiling and of course your desire, what you want to achieve.
If you do not have all the ''ideal'' conditions, you will have to make a compromise what is more important to you, but the final result is essential. Additional effect of circular stairs is the fitting with the color of the metal substructure with other furniture or wall color, while wood and its shades fit with the floor  in that room. Stair rails can be minimalist (only handle) or can be enriched with stainless steel cords, forged elements as well as other details that complete the entire composition.






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